~ St. Catharines' Wartime Neighbourhoods

The Neighbourhoods

There are over 1700 Wartime Homes across the city, most can be found in 12 neighbourhoods. To see where they are see the Google Map below.

The building of these new sub-divisions was a controversial subject in the city in 1941, with the biggest concerns coming from private home builders who were concerned that government involvement with building houses would interfere with the private home sales.  It was decided that the lack of proper housing for munitions workers in boom towns, like St. Catharines, Hamilton and Halifax,  could only be addressed by government involvement.

The 12 main neighbourhoods are:

Dieppe Grantham Facer | Sandown Doncaster | Plymouth Lancaster | Vale Grass Shakespeare Longfellow
Permilla Ambrose | Chetwood Lloyd Merigold | Argyle Blain Collier | Willow Hayes | Barton Bridge
Greenwood Rosedale
| Lorne Cameron | Valley Kinsey | Arthur Grandview Northglen

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