~ St. Catharines' Wartime Neighbourhoods

HMCS St.Catharines & HMCS Merrittonia

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) expanded greatly during the war and by the end was the third largest navy in the world.  Frigates and Corvettes in the Royal Canadian Navy were named after flowers, towns or cities across Canada in order to encourage the public to feel connected to the war effort.

HMCS St.Catharines

The HMCS St.Catharines was a River Class frigate that was launched in 1924 and commissioned in 1943.  The HMCS St. Catharines did convoy duty in the North Atlantic and was part of the group that sank German Uboat 744.

HMCS Merrittonia

The HMCS Merrittonia was a Flower class corvette that was commissioned in 1944 and like the HMCS  St. Catharines, did convoy duty in the North Atlantic.

HMCS St.Catharines patrolling in the Atlantic

Part of the sinking of German Uboat 744

HMCS Merittonia on duty in the North Atlantic

Photo credits – St. Catharines – Canada’s Canal City – reprinted April, 1993 – John N. Jackson/Sheila M. Wilson