~ St. Catharines' Wartime Neighbourhoods

The Burkes – Dieppe

The Burke’s,  John and Marguerite (Marg) with their children Doug, Linda and Brian lived at 41 Dieppe Road.  John and Marg lived there for 58 years (1943 to 2001).  Their son Doug suspects that his father was provided with the opportunity to rent and later purchase the house because he was employed at McKinnon Industries during the war years.  Doug also believes that the purchase price for the house was around  $2800.00.  Their house originally consisted of two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and small living room and in the backyard was a wooden shed that was shared with the neighbours.

Doug also remembers the Community Centre, that preceded the current structure at Niagara and Facer, was located at the corner of Dieppe Road and St.George Street.  The front of the building housed a library and office upstairs, a crafts/meeting room and washrooms downstairs.  It was a two storey wartime house similar to those in the surrounding neighbourhoods.  At the rear of the building was a hall that was used for cubs, scouts and girl guides meetings.  It was also used as a facility to play floor hockey and outside in the play area was a wooden jungle gym.