~ St. Catharines' Wartime Neighbourhoods

About the Project

This year we will mark the end of World War Two.  On May 8, 2010, we will celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day and on August 15, 2010, we will celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Victory in Japan (VJ) Day.

The men and women who served overseas and on the home front are considered by many to be the Greatest Generation.  They came of age during the Great Depression, when many families lost their homes and businesses and just as the economy was improving, a world war broke out.  They were called upon to serve and Canadians did in huge numbers.  In fact, 1.1 million served.  Thousands more worked tirelessly in factories to provide the much needed war supplies and made sacrifices at home to ensure that those overseas were cared for. When the war was over, they celebrated, were thankful and immediately went about rebuilding their lives.

These men and women made up for lost time and became the most successful generation of all time.  They made incredible breakthroughs in medicine and technology, created new art and literature and gave us the baby boom.

There are fewer and fewer of the Greatest Generation left, yet their impact can still be seen and felt today.  Wartime houses are a constant reminder of this generation and all that they accomplished.  With this project we hope to remind people of not only their sacrifice but also their incredible success and accomplishments.